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Kebo Transportation Service, Inc. number one focus is Safety and Quality.

Our Safety and Quality is never ignored before or after our drivers are hired. This is due to Kebo's detailed, comprehensive Safety programs and commitment to quality. Kebo prides itself on its in-house resources to ensure that regulatory requirements of the DOT are met and --- in most cases --- exceeded.

How do we do it?

  • Employees are trained through Kebo's six-part Safety Program, which covers every aspect of the dos and don'ts that are required from the DOT.
  • Kebo's Safety Award program provides recognition, reward and incentives for every employee in the organization who works safely.
  • Full-time safety and training personnel are always available for our drivers.

Kebo's focus on Safety assures our customers that Safety and Quality standards are met in all areas, including:

  • DOT Safety
  • DOT Motor Vehicles
  • EPA
  • Operator Qualification

As changes occur, the allocation of customer resources becomes critical. With Kebo Transportation Services, Inc., you are assured that Safety and Quality are never less than our number one priority.

~Rebecca McGouirk - Safety Operations Manager

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